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The Heel Pain Institute was established by Dr. Gary B. Briskin and Dr. Bob Baravarian. As members of UCLA Medical Group, these two doctors felt the need to offer comprehensive care of the foot and ankle with a center dedicated to treating the common and often neglected problem, of heel pain syndrome. With emphasis on comprehensive care of heel pain and its associated ailments, the center was established in order to offer a specialized center for the care of all heel pain ailments.

Heel Pain Institute's Major Accomplishments

The Heel Pain Institute has been instrumental in advancing the research and multiple state of the art treatment for the care of chronic heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Our cutting edge research on the Topaz procedure was instrumental in this procedure becoming a standard of care for difficult plantar fascia cases. Furthermore, multiple research and educational studies and publications on platelet rich plasma therapy have allowed other physicians and organizations in understanding and utilizing this powerful technique for plantar fasciitis care.

Our constant stream of research and educational material, as well as our lecture series for both physicians and patients has allowed us to improve the awareness of plantar fasciitis, nerve pain disorder of the heel, and other less common afflictions which may affect patients but are often misdiagnosed.

Heel Pain Institute Community Participation

The Heel Pain Institute and our mother company University Foot and Ankle Institute is proud to be a part of the local communities that we serve. Through the formation of University Foot and Ankle Foundation, our education and research branch, we help increase the education to both doctors and patients about causes and treatment options for heel pain. Between educational seminars for both doctors and patients and a constant stream of research, our goal is to educate both the community and local doctors to the advancements in foot and ankle care. We are proud to sponsor local teams including multiple running organizations and high school sports programs.

UFAI's Heel Pain Institute is the official foot and ankle care centers for Cirque Du Soleil and the Association of Tennis Professionals.